Bottoms up! Sexual wellness brand creates the world’s first bottomless brunch that’s all about the bottom

  Leading sexual wellness brand LELO is hosting Bottoms Up!, the first educational bottomless brunch created to tackle the taboo surrounding talking about anal sex and masturbation
  The event comes as new data reveals 1 in 5 Brits (22%) said they were afraid to try anal sex out of  fear it would hurt, but 30% of Brits either already engage in anal play or want to try it
  Sexperts Kate Moyle and Gigi Engle will be leading the chat in a safe, secure and female-dominated setting – tackling the most commonly asked questions around anal and masturbation over endless peach Bellinis and playfully named brunch dishes such as Avo-carnal Toast and Butt-ermilk Pancakes
  The FREE brunch for members of the public takes place at The One Hundred, Shoreditch on October 6 from 2.30-4pm, with people able to book one of the limited spaces by emailing [email protected]
  As well as an informative and taboo-busting talk around anal pleasure, each guest will receive a complimentary brunch, drinks and be entered into a raffle to win prizes from the luxury wellness brand

Introducing ‘Bottoms Up!’, the world’s first anal sex inspired bottomless brunch, created by sexual wellness brand LELO to demystify and tackle the taboos around anal pleasure. The drinks may be bottomless, but the brunch is anything but.

The brunch comes in response to new research revealing that whilst 30% of Brits either currently engage in anal play or want to try it in the future, some are apprehensive to give anal a go. 1 in 5 Brits said they were afraid it would hurt (22%) whilst 7% said they were nervous to bring up anal play with their partners due to significant stigma surrounding it.
Prompted by these findings, LELO set out to tackle the taboos surrounding anal pleasure. Set in a safe, sex-positive, open and friendly environment – with unlimited peach Bellinis and a bottom-themed brunch menu – Bottoms Up! is a unique opportunity for guests to exchange experiences, discuss desires, and air anxieties around anal. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in informed discussions led by LELO’s resident sex expert Kate Moyle and sex educator Gigi Engle.
The complimentary brunch is open to members of the public and takes place at The One Hundred, Shoreditch on October 6th from 2.30-4pm. In addition to being entered in the raffle to win LELO’s latest launch for themselves, guests can dine on an array of playfully named dishes, such as Between Buns (a breakfast sandwich), Avo-Carnal Toast, and Butt-ermilk Pancakes.
LELO’s sex expert and author of The Science Of Sex, Kate Moyle, said: “For too long, women were discouraged, even shamed, if they talked about sex and sexual pleasure. Recently, topics such as orgasms, sex toys, masturbation and watching porn have entered mainstream conversation and media. Yet anal sex is one topic that still feels off-limits, where women may feel judged, uncomfortable, or importantly not properly informed. Understanding that all sexual pleasure is about the combination of finding out what works for us as individuals, and making informed choices about how we want our sex lives to be is important, and at LELO we are making sure that all pleasure is a part of the conversation.”.
To book a spot at Bottoms Up!, email [email protected]. Spots will be available on a first come, first served basis with limited capacity. To learn more, visit