Legotastic at The Art of Brick

This month sees the arrival of the Art of Brick Exhibition, at East London’s trendy Truman’s Brewery.

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Nathan Sawaya, a ex corporate lawyer, turned self proclaimed artist, of plastic interlocking bricks, aka Lego. Nathan was hooked after being given a Lego set, as a christmas present from his grandparents when he was five years old. At ten he made his first major Lego build, of a dog after his parents refused to buy him a pet.

The exhibition starts with a video short of Nathan explaining his journey to Lego greatness. It took a 4,188 hours to build over 75 works of art on show in the exhibition.

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Then you are left to wander through a number of interlocking rooms each with a different theme, including replica’s of iconic classical art pieces, including Michael Angelo’s David (16,349 bricks ) to Venus de Milo (18,483 bricks ). The Human Condition and Human Expressions rooms, contain Nathan’s original artwork featuring many sculptures involving the human form. There’s even a Brit room, to mark the sculptor’s first exhibition in London. Inspired by Britain, there’s a tribute to The Beatles as well as a red telephone box, even One Direction makes an appearance. The largest piece of the exhibition is the 80,000 brick and 6 foot long TRex. The highlight for me, was the eerie dimly lit Swimmer Room, containing a single sculpture of a lone swimmer mounted on a glass table.

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A note to parents though its made of Lego, it is essentially an Art Exhibition and is not interactive so not recommended for the under 7’s.

Art of the Brick will run from 26 September until the 4 January. Ticket prices start at £14.50 for adults and £8 for children.

The Old Truman Brewery

91 Brick Lane

E1 6QL

Natasha Semmence