Meet the Team: Hi Peter

Peter Churchill


Peter Churchill

Blog, website, youtube, twitter, facebook, etc:, @PeterChurchill7

Tell us about yourself and what makes you tick:

I’ve only recently moved to London for work, but have lived nearby for most of my life. I love the different perspective living here gives me and the way it allows me to explore more fully and really get to know the city.

Nothing makes me tick more than the opportunity to go out and take photos on the street in London.

If you had to choose anyone to play you in a movie who would it be and why:

It would have to be someone like Daniel Day Lewis or Philip Seymour Hoffman. Although they’d both have to change a lot to play me. Why? I think they’re the best living actors and I love their films.

How long have you been writing for:

This is my first semi-professional writing post, although I have also written bits for and My Destination.

What made you start blogging or writing:

Going travelling and wanting to have a way to share my experiences with people. That and for my own personal satisfaction. I’ve continued because people seem to enjoy my writing, which is ultimately why I do it.

Outside of writing what do you do:

I continually think about where I want to go next and how long I can be there for. I listen to inordinate amounts of music and spend my spare moments attempting to stay in touch with more or less everyone I’ve ever met.

What is your favourite place in London and why:

This is a question I have considered quite a bit recently as I’ve been doing a photography project along similar lines. I still don’t have an answer, but I’ll let you know once I do.

If you could leave any legacy what would it be:

To have changed something for the better.

What would you like the world to know about you:

I’d love to write and photograph professionally.

Tell us a weird fact about yourself:

I really don’t like raw tomato.