Mother’s Ruin Old Tom Review

We’ve had our eyes (and tastebuds) set on Mother’s Ruin for a while now. We have been lucky enough to taste Mother’s Ruin Old Tom and explore their gin palace, and can’t wait to expand our collection further.

This award-winning company offers a unique range range of liqueurs within the spirit of London’s long and disrepute history with gin. Now history buffs and gin lovers will know that gin was called Mother’s Ruin because in the 18th century the effects of drinking gin on the family and society were disastrous. The cheeky play on the name assists on making it one to remember.

Mother’s Ruin Old Tom comes in a terracotta bottle with a wooden pull out cork. The label is a pastel blue featuring branches with flowers and bees. This image conjures up a beautiful summers’ day in nature, and given the weather we’ve been having, it’s the perfect time to sip on some Mother’s Ruin gin and tonics in the glorious sunshine. Mother’s Ruin Old Tom is a modern twist on an old gin tradition. Over Juniper and orris root are the flavours of orange peel, vanilla pods, Bay, nutmeg and coriander. There’s also a hint of Demerara to add to the character of the gin. All combine to create an aromatic balance of spices and herbs. It’s a sweet gin and doesn’t need a great deal of garnishes in the tonic to really make the gin pop.

Mother’s Ruin also offers dark and delicious sloe and damson gins, spicy rhubarb and ginger, fragrant raspberry and gooseberry and elderflower vodkas. Perfect on their own or in a cocktail. All the products are made from home grown and locally foraged fruit and flowers. Indeed, many are actually grown in the two small orchards owned by Mother’s Ruin or from the woods of East London. For a year, the fruit is steeped in high quality spirits, which infuses then with excellent flavours.

The gin palace is within the manufacturing unit which is situated in a World War One munitions factory.  On the weekends it also hosts a cocktail bar. This quirky, cute bar and restaurant has a selection of over 70 Gins. We’re sure you’ll find one (or 70!) that you’ll love. We definitely recommend getting friends, colleagues or family together and checking out the gin palace and Mother’s Ruin.

Mother’s Ruin Gin Palace is open Fridays 6pm—12am, Saturdays 12pm—12am and Sundays 2pm—8pm.

Address: Unit 18 Ravenswood Estate, Shernhall Street, London, E17 9HQ


Phone: 07905 484 711

Twitter: @MothersRuinE17


Written by Caitlin Neal and Tegan LeBon