Not your average mums…


Last year I had my first child and went on the long awaited maternity leave. As most mums know you go through a sense of loss, confusion, loneliness and helplessness when you first have a child. F

or mums who don’t go through this I would say you are the minority. Like most mums I did the normal thing and started hunting for mother and baby groups to attend, man were they horrible.

Each group I went to was full of competitive mums trying to prove how fantastic their baby is. From “my son yesterday spat in the sky I was so amazed” to “Lizzie burped for the first time”. Ok, slightly exaggerated conversations, but they were just as dull. I felt like I was in a never ending competition to have the best baby, which only made me feel more isolated. If I am honest, I hate talking about babies all the time, I love my daughter, but I don’t want to spend every waking moment discussing her or anyone else’s baby. (Deep breathe and rant over).

So you can see my dilemma, I felt annoyed, bored and wanted to be with other mums, but not talk about puke all day. Enter stage left Mothersmeeting!!! I was an avid runner before I got pregnant and through my various instagram friends I stumbled across Mothersmeeting, these mums looked ace and I wanted to be part of that. They got fit together, laughed, went on outings, held events and were inspiring.

ArmaniJunior-2The opportunity arose for me to attend the MM Bikini Bootcamp run by Nike at 1948, I was feeling very overweight and missed running, so thought this would be a great way to kick start my regime again. This was better than any mother and baby group I have ever experienced, the mums were friendly, motivated and talked about real topics. So not only did they help me appreciate being a mum, but I got me back! Yes I got me back! Mum’s it is possible!

These mums are inspiring and MM is definitely something every my mum should be involved in. MM has helped me regain my confidence and with the inspirational events put on for us special mama’s I can get tapped into how to start a business, how to live a healthy lifestyle, as well the plethora of events held by MM.

These are not your average mums! These women go hard for their families, their fitness, in their careers and also they have fun. They live a balanced life and the MM network teaches mums just like you how to have that too.

If you want to get involved like I did, or just want to reach out to some awesome mums pleas e click their link:

By Abi

(Next month we will be doing a Behind the Brand interview with Jenny Scott, the awesome mama behind MM, watch out for it)