Best 5 ways to get a brand that works


Do you know the best five ways to get your brand working ?

Know your business culture, your offer and differential.

Get back to basics and take a fresh look at what your business stands for, undertake research into how this stacks up against your competition.
Are you sure how your business fits in with the customer needs, what are the expectations of your customers? What are the expectations of the market sector you are in?
Are you clear about what you offer, what makes it unique and special?
It’s important to start with this crystal clear vision then communicate this to all partners, staff and customers.

Express your brand.

Does your brand convey a memorable customer experience time after time?
Building your brand personality and differential is the key next step thus you are creating the market and ensuring success.
Start with your new formed vision, use this as the core to the business values, and explore how these can be expressed at every level of your business.
Leave no stone unturned, your business name, logo, font and colours all identify your business to the customers.
Factors such as staff behaviour, appearance, decor and overall ambience must not be forgotten.
Is there a real memorable impact for the customer?

Communicate your brand.

Start with thinking about your customer journey, in terms of how they engage with your brand, first in terms of awareness beyond your shop or building.
It’s important that you can communicate the correct message and information at the right time so it’s structured and hits home with the customer, remember they have busy lives and so much going on, they don’t want to be bullied but rather have the correct information at the correct time, in some cases this will be third party information so the need to project your business ethos and message correctly first time will and can make all the difference.
The important thing to remember if you really want to engage with your customer is to understand “Express your brand”
 thus can be done across the social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, and will give you instant access to your customers in real time, however if you embark on this method of marketing you will need a strong strategically build plan that all staff and partners understand, this is not an overnight plan and will need hours of staff time and total understanding of the core business ethos and brand.
The most important thing is to build a conversation with your customers continue and develop it, understand who and where the conversation will/might head and be in a position to offer your customer your products when it’s appropriate.

Your people need to live your brand
Make sure you have the right people, and induct them fully on the brand and business ethos.
They must buy into your brand and culture; they need to live and breathe it with passion, but keep it simple this brand must be delivered by everyone in your business.
Customer service is the cornerstone for a successful brand and is a powerful manifestation of the brands personality; it should be memorable, consistent and match the other values of the business as spoken about above.

Branding is about certainty and consistency.

Make sure you are always consistent in how your brand touches the customers, wherever they are- the way you walk, look and speak, the overall experience the customer receives at every touch or every part of the service regardless of the smallest detail to the final and lasting follow-up’s all need to be consistent.

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