On 23rd November, Onin.London ventured down to Shaftesbury Avenue to tackle the Crystal Maze. Our team consisted of eight ONIN.London writers so it was a great team building experience for us.

Two of us had visited Crystal Maze previously and six of our other writers had grown up watching Crystal Maze so we knew we were going to smash our time there! We’re all a competitive bunch here at Onin.

Between 17th and 31st October , teams at The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience will come face to face with their very own cryptic crystal gazing Fortune Teller, sent by Mumsie to test teams with an unnerving game of high stakes riddles.

Our team dashed through the Maze’s Medieval, Aztec, Industrial and Futuristic adventure zones guided by an eccentric Maze Master, Berty the chimney sweep. She had us laughing and fully amped up during our time competing to get as many crystals as we could by completing various challenges; skill, physical, mental and mystery. Our favourite games arena was definitely the Aztec and we loved the mystery games. Shout out to the witch who had us guessing Halloween themed riddles. Each crystal won means more time in the iconic dome, where the goal is to catch enough golden tickets to bag yourself a spot on the coveted leader board! They did tell us on the day that our score of 198 tickets were pretty impressive and they were sorry the leader board was broken. 

We won’t spoil any of the other games but they were all fun and had us cheering each other on. So we were pretty chuffed when we did manage to collect 15 crystals out of the 16 games! Last time I played I didn’t manage to get even one Crystal. My team were quite kind though as they said my skill was choosing which player to play each game. A team is only as strong as their leader… right?

The whole experience was extremely fun as we crawled, run and slid our way through the maze. After successfully escaping the maze, we would have loved to have spent some time in the bar, unfortunately it was shut the day we went.

Crystal Maze Live now also has all day opening hours and on-the-day ticket purchases. The Maze will also be open to younger audience members by offering games for 13 years old and up.

All visits must be booked in advance by visiting https://the-crystal-maze.com… so what are you waiting for book your tickets now! Tickets are quite pricy at £77 per person but the added nostalgia and team comradely makes it a worthwhile experience.

This October half term, families can also get 50% off the family ticket, making the attraction a great day out for families looking for something different to do together over the Halloween season without breaking the bank.

Tickets are on sale now at www.the-crystal-maze.com

Website: https://the-crystal-maze.com

Address: 22-23 Shaftesbury Ave, London W1D 7EJ