Review: I’m in love with a vacuum cleaner and his name is Shark

My new crush is strong, helpful around the house and is available at the push of a button. His name? Shark.

If you haven’t realised yet, I’m not actually talking about a person, but rather a machine: my new vacuum cleaner.

I never thought I’d be the kind of person to gush about a gadget, let alone a household one, but as I look towards the corner where I keep my dreamboat, I can’t help but smile to myself.

Part of this could be due to the fact that I am currently, like many others in the UK, stuck in self-isolation while coronavirus rages on. Inevitably, most people will eventually stop binge-watching Netflix, look around their home and realise that it’s seen better days.

And that’s where Shark comes in.

We reviewed the vacuum cleaner to find out if it’s worth it’s high price tag. To help you decide for yourself, here are the highlights.

First, the pros – it’s cordless, which means you won’t have to stick it into a plug socket and realise that the cord doesn’t stretch around the room (and then have to get up, unplug it and move it to a closer socket).

You simply charge the machine like you would your mobile phone. Then do something else for a few hours – like make lunch with all that pasta you’ve stockpiled – and you’re good to go with 45 minutes worth of battery time.

Another nifty trick about Shark (there are many) is that it has so-called flexology, meaning it easily bends, twists and moves, so that you can reach difficult corners, like under the bed or sofa.

And it also has lights in the front – so that you can clearly see the dirt disappear as you go – as well as a warning light that turns red if you accidentally vacuum something that gets stuck (like a makeup brush that you’ve dropped behind the sofa).

The suction is good, with two settings – one for carpets – and there’s even a ‘boost’ button if you fancy cranking on some extra power.

But wait, it gets better. The handle also easily detaches, and becomes a handheld vacuum, useful for cleaning corners, sofa cushions or even window sills.

As for emptying the vacuum, there are no messy bags – there’s a plastic compartment that collects everything, and when it’s full you simply pull the latch while holding it over your bin.

Got a pet? Shark also has anti hair wrap technology, which easily cleans up hair on sofas, floors or carpets.

OK, here’s the only negative aspect: it costs £319 – and that’s the current sale price (it was originally £379.99).

But you will not regret investing in this relationship. Shark is worth every pound – he might be the love of my (cleaning) life.

Fancy getting a Shark for yourself? Unfortunately the version we tried is currently sold out, but thankfully, he has brothers and they are just as fancy.





Written by Almara Abgarian.