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One thing I love about a restaurant, is when you can enter and feel like you’ve left the country. Senor Ceviche, a Peruvian restaurant in Soho definitely had made me feel that the second my friend and I walked in. I felt that we had left London and entered a small restaurant in the heart of Peru. It’s absolutely gorgeous in here. Greeted with a Pisco Sour (Machu Pisco, lime juice, egg white, Chuncho bitters Passion fruit Lemongrass Spiced pineapple), we happily sipped these while perusing the menu.


Senor Ceviche provides a menu of tapas style sharing plates for guests to share. I love this as it gave me a chance to try dishes I wouldn’t normally order at a restaurant. Anticucho De Res (Grilled beef heart skewers with sweet potato mayonnaise, aji panca, botija olives & mint – gf) was one of these such dishes. Beef heart wasn’t my cup of tea as I found it a bit rubbery, but my friend enjoyed it.


The Chifa Chicharrones (Slow cooked, crispy pork belly with sweet soy sauce – gf) and the Chicaronne Sanguchitos – (Crispy pork belly buns with Peruvian hot sauce, sweet potato puree, tarragon mayo & salsa criolla) were absolutely marvellous. Pork belly is slowly becoming one of my favourites food here in London and Senor Ceviche has perfected these dishes.


After finishing off our course of pork dishes, my Cusco Quail – (Aji panca marinaded quail with tamarind yoghurt) arrived. This was probably the least favourite of the dishes I’ve ordered. While the meat was cooked perfectly and was very moist, it was a bit bland compared to the flavours of all the other dishes we sampled. My friend had ordered the Flat Iron Y Uchucuta– (Papaya marinated flat iron steak with uchucuta sauce – gf). This was one very juicy and tender steak.


A visit to Senor Ceviche wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t try one of their signature Ceviche dishes. Ceviche is seafood dish popular in the coastal regions of Latin America, typically made from fresh raw fish cured in citrus juices, such as lemon or lime, and spiced with ají or chili peppers. I’ve had Ceviche before and enjoyed it so was looking forward to trying it again. I went with The Spaniard – (Sea bream and king prawn ceviche with tomato & aji rocotto tiger’s milk, red onion, coriander, plantain & crispy chorizo – gf). I was not disappointed.

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Before our desserts arrived, we washed down our meal with a bottle of ‘Cuvée Alexandre’ Provence Rosé. I must commend Senor Ceviche on their extensive gluten free menu as my friend often struggles to find a varied menu at resturants, especially for desserts. He declared that even though everything was amazing, he would return to eat three courses of just the Tarta De Chancaca (Chancaca syrup tart with milk ice cream – gf). The Dulce De Leche – (Dulce de leche ice cream with Cusco caramel and pecans – gf) was just as divine. Homemade caramel is something I’ve never been able to make and my friend and I chuckled at the memory of us attempting to make it one Christmas. The Chefs at Senor Ceviche must let me in on their secret.


Senor Ceviche has such a pleasant atmosphere and it was lovely to watch other diners enjoying their food and drinks. Our wait staff were attentive and friendly to everyone, especially one of our waiters who was having his first trial shift of the evening.

If you’re looking to escape for an evening to another country, definitely head down to Senor Ceviche. Your tastebuds will thank you.

Reporter: Tegan LeBon ¦ @Toogs1

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