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Review: Voga Yoga London

It is a Sunday morning and I am stood in the heated roof top garden of the Coq D’Argent with a stunning view of London before me.  You would be forgiven for expecting me to describe a series of delectable cocktails being delivered to me and 20+ other participants but you would be wrong.  We were at this stunning location all waiting to take part in the amazing phenomena known as Voga.



It is described as the breath synchronised moves of Yoga with the expressive moves of dance.  Voga does away with the unhurried movements of most traditional Yoga forms by adding 80’s themed music and voguesque poses that transpose attitude and confidence.  As a self confessed gym rat with the flexibility of an iron rod and a certain disdain for traditional yoga (yes I said it) this class definitely appealed to me – the benefits of yoga with the dynamite of Vogue.

The class certainly did not disappoint.  Although challenging it was fun personified – it even made me sweat!! Our instructor Juliet was enviable flexible and made everything look dead easy.  She reassured me and made me feel fabulous when I displayed the coordination of an intoxicated octopus.

I felt positively refreshed after the session and would recommend this as something a tantalisingly different.  The lunch that followed was sublime too!!

Check out the Voga website for classes and upcoming events.

Website: VogaLondon.co.uk

Instagram: /HouseofVoga

Twitter: @HouseofVoga


Coq d’Argent is a D&D London restaurant that serves classic French food in its spectacular rooftop setting at No.1 Poultry in the City of London. In addition to the main restaurant, the grill offers a less formal menu at lunchtime, while the outdoor terraces and gardens provide a verdant oasis in the heart of the Square Mile.


Instagram: /CoqDargent

Twitter: @CoqDargent1


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