Sapling Spirits

Onin.London was sent a gorgeous Sapling Spirits Vodka Spritz Set, (perfect for Father’s Day) so we could sample Sapling Spirit’s Vodka in their perfect serve.

The Sapling Spirits Vodka Spritz Set includes 3 x Vodka miniatures and 3 x flavoured tonics/sodas along with a recipe on how to make each drink. My favourite was definitely the Rhubarb and Raspberry. To make it really was as simple as filling a highball glass with ice, mixing Rhubarb and Raspberry Fever Tree Tonic with 50ml of Sapling Vodka and garnishing with a fresh raspberry.

With all the fancy cocktails we drink here at Onin.London, there’s still something nice about a classic and simple spritz. Plus they just scream summer to me!

So back to who Sapling Spirits are? Well the brand was developed by co-founders, Ed Faulkener and Ivo Devereux. They have made it the brand’s mission to tackle climate change through regenerative farming and forestation, striving to create a product of high quality and taste which simultaneously positively impacts the environment.

Ed Faulkner previously completed a masters in Environmental Policy and is passionate about nature based solutions to climate change with a focus on tree planting, agroforestry, and regenerative farming.

While, Ivo Devereux began his career in the music industry where he founded an events company which focused on bringing live and electronic music nights to university towns.

In 2016, Ed and Sapling Spirits Co-Founder Ivo identified a gap in the market after organising a sustainably focused music festival to which they discovered a significant lack of sustainable drinks. Together they co-founded the climate positive spirits brand and have seen CAGR of 80.72% since launch.

Both he and Ivo have pledged to plant 1,000,000 trees by 2027. This is helped by every bottle bough, the brand plants a tree. Pretty great idea, we think.

Formally launching in 2018, Sapling Spirits have continued to go from strength to strength and it’s not hard to see why. Top quality spirits which are good for the environment… sign us up!

Taking one step further towards a sustainable future, Sapling Spirits have also now launched new refill packaging help reduce the amount of glass packing they buy. Whilst, Sapling’s bottles are designed to be recycled, recent figures have found that in the U.K. only 50% of glass bottles are actually recycled, with the rest ending up in landfill. Sapling want to help consumers reduce their glass consumption and overall carbon footprint as currently glass production causes 22 million tonnes of CO2 in Europe each year. The production of the refill pouches will also reduce Sapling’s CO2 production by 25% and cost consumers 20% less than purchasing a new glass bottle every time.

Sapling Spirits’ refill pouches will be available online from 21st January for £26 for £28 for the vodka & gin before hitting retailer stores later this year.