Sauterelle’s Pugliese Collaboration With Michelin star chef Felice Sgarra Review

On the 15th of May, ONIN.London visited Sauterelle at the Royal Exchange for an exclusive one night only collaboration with Michelin star chef Felice Sgarra from renowned restaurant Umami in Andria. Felice and Sauterelle Executive Head Chef Stefano Leone teamed up to create a menu inspired by the traditions and produce of Italy’s Puglia region, an area celebrated for its authentic and natural recipes that have been passed down through generations.

First off we were treated to a drinks reception where we learnt avbout Puglian artisanal products curated by ​Giovina Cristallo​, Commercial Director at Gio Group. We were even lucky enough to take home samples of classic italian foods from Italy’s Puglia region. The suppliers included Fiore di Puglia from Corato, Azienda Agricola Di Tria from Minervino Murge, the Caseificio andriese Perina, Sinisi srl from Andria and the Cantina Tenimenti Grieco. These were great and we definitely enjoyed sampling these at home the next day.

The menu consisted of four courses, each better than the last. Our favourite course was the Cod with black chickpea, orange, courgette flower & gin. The juniper in the gin brought out the flavours of everything on the plate and just made it extra special. I definitely need to try replicate this dish at home.

Overall it was a lovely evening and it sparked our interest in visiting the Puglia Region of Italy and trying more of their delicious produce.






Written by Tegan LeBon