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Strip Wax Bar in Soho Review

As women we all know how incredibly important it is to find the right person to wax our bodies especially our intimate parts. I moved to a new area recently and because of that I lost the ease of travelling to my chosen beauty salon to get a wax done. Central London is one of those places which is fairly easy to travel too for most people. In my case a lot easier than travelling from North West London into East London, it only takes me 25 minutes from where I live to get into Central London, so when a friend of mine recommended Strip Wax Bar in Soho, I thought it was worth me checking out. Recommendations for a Brazilian wax are not always easy to come by.

Ladies its worth noting Strip Wax Bar offers hot wax for intimate parts of the body (I swear by hot wax) and Lycon wax for the rest of the body, a top end wax that helps in reducing pain. You would be surprised by the cheap wax used in a lot of the cheaper salons, its not worth it in my opinion, I have tried to say money and I have always paid the price in pain and bad service.

The salon is perfectly located on Berwick street, just off Oxford street, which was perfect for me as I could do a couple of hours shopping before my appointment. I received a warm and friendly welcome from the manager when I arrived and because I was early I had some time to wonder around the reception, which features a wall of alluring sexy lingerie, they also sell aftercare treatments as well, it’s a one-stop shop, perfect for busy ladies.

My therapist Larissa, greeted me at reception and then showed me to my room. I was pleasantly surprised to see a TV monitor attached to the wall, playing Friends. Having the TV there playing comedy instantly calmed me down, I have to say, getting a Brazilian wax can be very daunting especially when its with someone new, as you aren’t exactly sure what to expect, will she be good, how badly will it hurt, all types of things run through your head, so having a TV at the end of the bed was an absolute treat. As Larissa left, I got undressed and lay on the bed having a little giggle to myself while watching Friends.

Moments later Larissa arrived, made some small talk and started the treatment, she started with my upper leg, using Lycon wax and I was surprised by how much it didn’t really hurt. I could tell Larissa had been waxing people for years, she was professional, delicate and very understanding of my needs. She was also very warm and we had a little conversation about the pros of waxing. She gave me a few tips on aftercare, but mostly left me to enjoy watching Friends, which I liked, there was a nice balance of chat and also me-time. Before I knew it, it was over and I couldn’t help but smile and thank her profusely on what a great job she had done, it really wasn’t as painful as previous treatments. Yes the salon is great, but for me Larissa was the star of the show in my eyes.

A Brazilian costs £49 and yes its on the tad pricey side, but its so worth it, I would reccomend signing up to their newsletter or giving them a follow on social media, as they tend to advertise special offers. I’ve done both as I intend to see Larissa again, I am happy to say I have found the perfect lady for my wax treatments.

Strip Wax Bar also offers male waxing, hair removal along with brows and lashes, you can see a full list of treatments on their website:

Locations of all of the Strip Wax Bar salons can be found here:

Written by Nyla S.