SHOLA Review

The clock strikes 1 p.m. your stomach is rumbling, your spreadsheets are starting to make less and less sense… so what’s for lunch? If like many Londoners you default to one of the omnipresent casual chains for a quick workday lunch fix, you’re probably in need of something a little different. White City Place has just the thing: Karachi eatery Shola is chef Aida Khan’s first brick-and-mortar, a beautifully bright, pastel-clad restaurant serving up delicious and creative Pakistani food for less than a tenner. We were invited to try a selection from the menu, and not to badmouth the trusty high-street sushi platter, but this was another experience altogether.

We were greeted by Chef Aida Khan and her contagious humour, who proceeded to choose some of her favourite dishes for us.

We started our feast with some dangerously more-ish street food bites: chicken pakora, kurkuri bhindi (okra fries) and aloo chana chaat (a fresh chickpea, potato and tomato snack). Then it was time to get serious, with to-die-for yellow khatti daal, lamb shoulder and chicken tikka bolti, served with rice, salads, fresh breads and the flakiest paratha you’ve ever sunk your teeth in. We loved sitting in this lovely restaurant, but you can also order a takeaway to enjoy the flavours of Karachi at your desk or in the comfort of your own home.


Address: White City Place, 201 Wood Lane, White City, London W12 7TU

Written by Iris Goldsztajn