Sian Dellar: Microblading review

I have always had thin patchy flat brows, which were reminiscent of the 1990’s. These were never going to win any compliments. Whilst being hugely self-conscious of them, like most of us, I have no time other than to throw on a set of pencil brows each morning before the mania of the day starts. With pencil brows come the struggles on holidays and at the gym melting off in the heat and on a few fateful occasions been washed away in the rain! I had looked into microblading in the past but managed to talk myself out of it by focusing on what I perceived were the negatives (pain and ‘what if it went wrong’ mentality) and not looking at the benefits. I am due to get married in Bali in 6 weeks and when this opportunity to meet with Sian Dellar came up. Well let’s just say I put all of my fears aside and took the plunge in the bid for perfect brows on my wedding day.

Microblading is a semi-permanent make up technique, with results lasting up to three years. A fine blade is used to apply a pigment under the skin to resemble natural hair fibres. I attended the Sian Dellar clinic at 1 Harley Street, W1G 9QD, which was easy to find and is only a 6 minute walk from Oxford Circus tube station. The clinic is very welcoming, which immediately put me at ease.Even more so after meeting Kelly. After the paper formality was completed Kelly put numbing cream on eyebrows, to give it time to activate. Next step was a patch test. This resembles a slight scratch but to check for allergies to the products.  I was offered refreshments while I waited and pre-booked in for the follow up appointment in 4 weeks.

Sian Dellar came out to meet me and introduce herself before taking me into the clinic room. At this stage my anxiety had increased but both Sian and Kelly were friendly, calming and professional.  We discussed my eyebrow stresses and my hopes and expectations for my new set during the custom consultation. Sian listened and together we started to explore possible options and shapes for me. A scaling tool was used to find the midpoint between my brows and Sian then measured out to ensure that the microbladed set would be symmetrical and in the correct position. Sian then started to mark out the shape of the new brows with an eye brow pencil and I was given opportunities to see what they looked like and add my thoughts.


Sian is very experienced and I went along with her recommendation to go slightly larger than I was used to.  Only once I was completely happy with the shape did Sian start the next stage. I did not feel rushed or pressured and was given time to really look at myself before making this big decision which could change my whole look and face.   We then discussed colour – something I had not even thought about! I dye my hair so finding the correct colour between my natural blonde and dyed brunette was important. I wanted a look that didn’t not look artificial or too harsh for my face. Sian was incredibly helpful in this stage and I went on her recommendations to find the tone to complement my skin tone and hair.   The actual procedure took around 25 minutes and Sian was very attentive to detail ensuring that I was comfortable at all times. Sian wears a mouth mask as she is working in close proximity to your face which was an unmentioned pleasantry.

One of the things that put me the procedure in the past was the fear of pain. The process resembles a pin scratching your skin in short flicks, Sian started at the middle and worked her way out doing both brows at the same time to ensure they were symmetrical. As Kelly has put the numbing cream on it is not as painful as I imagine it could be without it. Be aware it may want to make you sneeze! I had this unfortunate side effect!   When I finally got to see the end result I was incredibly pleased! The transformation was instant and completely changed my facial look.  When the brows are first done they are quite dark, but they will lighten up. They may also be a little red but this fades within the hour. Sian explained to me the aftercare process which entails applying a cream 2-3 times a day for the first 7-10 days.  I left the clinic so pleased that my self-esteem was through the roof.

browsThe day after the procedure I noticed that the individual brow lines had started to scab over. I was conscious to follow Sian’s advice of no exercise, swimming or getting them wet and continued to apply the cream she had given me which by day 3 was a nice relief to some minor itchiness. I also avoided wearing make-up over this period. After the first week the brows lose that initial darkness and look incredibly natural.   I went back for my follow up appointment 4 weeks later and underwent the process again, where Sian filled in any gaps or light hair strokes. This appointment only lasted around 30 minutes, so was quick and easy.

Sian’s work is thorough, attentive and to an impeccable standard. Since having my brows done by Sian Dellar I have had more compliments on my eye brows then I ever had! The ease of being able to get up and go in this busy lifestyle is a huge advantage of the semi-permanent make up and I still get that little buzz every morning when I look in the morning and see the perfect brows. It a huge time-saver, a perfect base to apply make-up and for me a nice self-esteem boost as I feel like my face has definition and I genuinely feel more attractive and confident. If you are considering microblading the photos speak for themselves and I can honestly say that the fear and anxieties I had prior to the procedure were minor compared to the end results. I feel confident now to go make up free and can take that feeling on holiday, the gym and my every-day life. This is one of those treatments you will wonder why you didn’t have done years ago!!   A big thank you to Sian and her team for their fantastic friendly and professional service. I am over the moon with the results!

For more information please see or contact Sian and her team at ‪020 7717 9665‬.

Reporter: Chloe Randall

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