Simba Mattress Toppers Will Have You Sleeping Like A Baby!

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But if you’re not ready to invest in a new mattress why not consider purchasing a Simba  Hybrid® Mattress Topper:. This topper can transform the hardest mattress, and smooth out any lumps and bumps – with four layers of comfort-boosting technology, including a layer of 2,500 Aerocoil® springs, Simbatex® foam comfort layer and supersoft, breathable sleep surface.

I’ve been sleeping on my new Hybrid® Mattress Topper for a month now and I’ve been sleeping 100% better!  Less back pain and a good nights sleep = for a happier, brighter you!

Prices range from £249 to £449 depending on the size. So what are you waiting for! Refresh your bed now and get rid of back pain now.

Simba also has some great blogs on their website to help you sleep better and learn more about how your bed habits could be impacting your life. Check them out below.