Summer Holidays



The school holidays have arrived and if you’re anything like us you’ll be trying to find things to keep the children entertained without breaking the bank.

As a family we’ve already had our family holiday at Easter so there’s no week away for us.

We have a weekend planned at Chessington which is at a new hotel that’s not even open yet so that’s some excitement but apart from that it’s day trips here and there.

So far the weather has been amazing so that has meant many days in the garden and local woods which is perfect as that’s feel.

The girls are always playing with their arts and crafts stuff so as the weather has been good they are taken all the stuff outside which is even better as it means theres very little mess and what mess there is you can quickly hose it down afterwards. As well as the usual things to create and paint we found then so large stones that they have been able to decorate and brighten up the garden.

Even though we live quite close to the seaside we still don’t get to visit as much as we’d like but luckily a few years we bought a large sandpit for the garden so it’s like having a beach in the garden. Add a paddling pool and it’s pretty much like the seaside all that’s missing is the fish n chips and a melted ice cream. Plus you don’t get the crowds.

Our favourite thing to do in the holidays is head off for a picnic. Nearby we have quite a few nice places to have a little family picnic but equally just having a picnic in the garden is just as much fun. The advantage of going somewhere for a picnic is youll normally find an ice cream van nearby and thats what the Summer is all about.

See the Summer holidays don’t have to be expensive as long as you just enjoy it.

By Darren Coleshill