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Supermarkets: Are they YOUR new high street fashions shop??

Gone are the days, where you would walk into Tesco’s, Asda’s or Sainsbury’s and the most colourful interesting things you would probably set your eyes on would be the fruit section or maybe the magazine section.  To be honest, for me that was enough! I was brought up knowing that high street shops were for clothes and supermarkets for food… However this has changed.

 Let’s give a big round of applause to evolution, YES I’m serious clap your hands.  You can now walk into a supermarket and be greeted with amazing fashion trends and not forgetting at great prices too. I don’t know about you but its fantastic NEWS for me, I love it.

Snap up an AW13 fashion bargain this month from one of your local supermarkets. Whizz round Tesco, Matalan, Asda and more for gorgeous winter coats, ankle boots and instant wardrobe staples!

Here are some MUST buy from our local supermarkets:-

1.      Florence and Fred (tesco) Floral Dress- £28

Tesco FF: Floral Skater Dress
Tesco FF: Floral Skater Dress

2.   Florence and Fred (tesco) tote colourblock bag- £12.50

Tesco; FF Colourblock Mini Totebag
Tesco; FF Colour block Mini Totebag



3.      Matalan leopard print stilettos £15

These are definitely on my Christmas list

Matalan Leopard Print Stiletto
Matalan Leopard Print Stiletto

4.      George at Asda shimmering floral moda skirt- £16

This is an absolute bargain……it’s mine

George at Asda shimerring Moda skirt
George at Asda shimerring Moda skirt


5.      Tu at Sainsburys Checked Chiffon shirt £12

We all need one of these shirts, good for work or even out for the day.

Sainsburys TU Chiffon Shirt


There are plenty more items ladies, what are you all waiting for, rush to your local supermarkets!!!!


Don’t forget your eggs!


Written by Fashion Frankie