Tacu Tacu Latin American Street Food

Last week we visited innovative Latin American street food connoisseurs Tacu Tacu at their most recent pop up Casa Blue in Shoreditch.

The venue itself is kind of ‘ye olden times’ chic, however we were greeted with a rather prickly welcome. Luckily Philip (head chef at Tacu Tacu) popped up not long after, to dispel our worries and cook up a storm!

At first glance the menu looked mouthwatering. Tacu’s signature shrimp burger and monitor cheesecake was teamed with other culinary delights, such as grilled halloumi, hummus with plantain chips and oozy duck tacos. I had a feeling we’d be in for a treat!

Our first taste of the action came in the form of halloumi, drizzled in a oregano, chilli, garlic and honey dressing. Wow, it was melt it you mouth fantastic!

image (50)

We were then served plantain crisps and Mexican flavoured hummus sweet corn salsa.the crunch plantain was a nice alternative to bread, and perfect for dipping.

image (53)

We then tried both the menu’is burgers. The chimichurri beef and chorizo with chipotle and Worcester burger sauce, and the shrimp burger packed with coriander and onions smothered in avocado and garlic mayo. Oh golly they were both awesome. The beef patty cooked to perfection, with a juicy pink center. The sauces were both lovely and I may, or may not, have taken a spoon and eaten the leftover sauce! My friend doesn’t particularly like shrimp but tucked into the burger!

image (51)

It is obvious to see Philip has passion and impeccable cookery skills. A doctor by profession, Philip has traveled Latin American learning culinary expertise along the way. All of which translate into his cooking.

Although Casa Blue may have not been the best host for this tantalising pop-up, we eagerly await their next adventure!

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