THATMuse launches at Natural History Museum, London

ONIN.London visited The V&A museum (https://onin.london/thatmuse-at-the-va-review) and loved it. Now it’s time to announce that THATMuse is launching its newest treasure hunt in London, this time at the Natural History Museum (THATNat). The theme is all about Dinosaurs and Extinct Beasts and will allow participants to experience the many galleries and exhibits about the creatures that once ruled the earth.

Come prepared to look for clues, take silly photos, create some goofy videos, and learn all about the animals and beings that time didn’t forget. After the hunt, return to your favorite part of the museum to continue your adventure and continue to learn more about our planet and it’s fantastic history.

Make sure you visit THATMuse’s blog, Twitter and Instagram feeds (@THAT_Muse_) for teasers & bonus answers posted before the THATNat launch!

Wyoming, United States, Late Jurassic, 155-150 million years ago
Sophie is the most complete of her species, with 85% of the bones intact. She – or he, we can’t know — took 18 months to unearth in 2003. Look closely to see that only the left foreleg, the base of the tail, and a few other small bones are missing. Stegosaurus likely used its spiked tail for defence. Looks dangerous, right? The plates on the back, however, remain a mystery. Maybe they cooled the dinosaur down, or maybe they scared away predators.   Dinosaur skeletons like Sophie have been popular since 1868, when the first dinosaur skeleton was shown in Philadelphia. For 10 THATMuse Points, pay attention throughout the hunt to find the name of the first dinosaur ever discovered. The way they are posed are guesses of how the dinosaurs stood, but new technology is changing how we understand these prehistoric beasts. Please earn 30 THATMuse Points for creating a photo with all team members using their hands as Stegosaurus plates on the largest team member’s body. Score 10 THATMuse Points if you find the name of a prehistoric fern located in one of the displays behind Sophie (to the right of the escalator) used as a design in the museum’s pillars. Grab 10 THATMuse Points if you can photograph a fern in the museum’s architecture.

THATNat (Natural History Museum)
CLASSIC HUNT: £75 for 6 people or fewer

Website: www.thatmuse.com/en/musees/index/13/natural-history


8 Cromwell Rd




Photo credit (above): Diliff