The Attended – Fitzrovia’s Coffee Fanatics

Narrowly missing a lady with a small child while looking down at google maps for the umpteenth time you could say The Attendant was trying to elude me this morning and managing it rather well.

However don’t be fooled. This is a ploy and unbeknown to me at the time part of The Attendants unique charm, as before I knew it I had stumbled upon a sign on Foley Street and was pretty sure I’d reached my destination.

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This wasn’t like any public loo I’d visited in London before. As soon as arrived the staff were super friendly and set me up with a smooth flat white while I waited for owner Ryan who was prepping sarnies in the little kitchen at the back. I was to find that pretty much sums up Ryan’s meticulous hands on approach.

The flat white itself was lush. I am a newly converted coffee fiend and this was fruity and strong without that tangy bitter taste some coffees give. The café was homely with a rustic old school workers café feel, and was filled with stools and wooden tables. About 10 minutes later an apologetic Ryan plonked down next to me and told me his story.IMG_20140403_230428

A previous discontented employee of the financial sector, Ryan sought something more and took on The Attendant in January 2014. Luckily this background means he has the perfect combo of a business mind and caffeine passion. His aim? To bring this unique setting, some cracking coffee and entrepreneurial inspiration together and create something beautiful, and I have to say he’s done a cracking job. The place is full at 10am on a Thursday and while I’m there a horde of workers pop in for their morning joe, the proof is in the pudding.

But this successes doesn’t come without hard graft, and Ryan knows his stuff. I’m told there is a recipe for the perfect cup.

Coffee: Caravan Espresso beans. 50% Brazilian, 30% Rwandan, 20% Columbian blend. 19.4g dry per cup. Double shot.

Milk: Ivy House. Only sold online, at Selfridges and The Attendant.

Run Time: 31 seconds.

Barista: Harmony between the two on shift, moderated soft and hard tamping.


Although knowledgeable, Ryan’s got his head on straight and is a proper modest guy. He told me anyone who says they know everything about coffee is fibbing. There is always more to learn, and I think that’s why The Attendant is great. It’s constantly evolving and adapting. They are nice guys too, even taking time to explain all the coffee types to an inquisitive lady (and myself, not a clue!) sat opposite and pouring her an espresso to taste.


So what’s the future for The Attendant chaps?

“I want to keep a unique selling point, open more stores but not replicate any others”

Sounds good to me. I love The Attendant, so I’m rather excited to see what will come next!


Reporter: Aspen Glencross


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