The benefits of hiring a Zipcar

Did you know that you could hire a Zipcar for personal and commercial use? Perhaps you’ve decided not to buy a car of your own due to the mounting maintenance costs, like MOT, Car tax, fuel and Congestion charge. One way to get round this hurdle is to hire a Zip vehicle because there are no ties.


Here are some of the benefits of hiring a Zipcar:

1. The scheme is ideal for temporary use and especially if your lifestyle is one that doesn’t require a car daily.

2. You’re not tied to a car for a year or more. Pick a time that suits you.

3. Download the Zipcar App on to your Smartphone to make bookings or search for tips and information.

4. It’s easy to book a vehicle in advance online and payment is by the hour or in a block of one week or longer and you only need to pay for the time you need a vehicle for.

5. Once you’ve registered and received your Zip card you are almost ready to go.

6. Select a car of your choice online so there is no need to visit a booking office to hire – All done in the convenience of your home, office, Cafe or on the go.

7. Pay insurance only for the hire period then call the company to deactivate for the time you won’t be driving. Great isn’t it?

8. There’s no need to pay for road tax or a parking permit.

9. No need to take out finance to purchase a car, saving you money.

10. No maintenance cost.

11. No compulsory insurance or MOT cost. (But It’s a good idea to take out temporary insurance)

12. Petrol is paid for.

13. Congestion Charge is paid for. Wow!

14. Vehicles are allocated close to your postcode so all you’ve got to do is pick a convenient pick-up point close to home or work.

15. Responsible students with a valid driving license can also benefit from this scheme because they’re not tied to a vehicle.

16. It’s global as well. Book up for a vehicle abroad if you fancy driving while on holiday or on a business trip.

17. Zipcar has a variety of vehicles, so you can drive a Vauxhall today and a Toyota tomorrow. It’s so flexible.


The downside to hiring a vehicle is that if you are stuck in the traffic and you’ve hired a vehicle for 1 hour, you might need to extend your hire time.

Also, if you’re not booked up in advance, the car of your choice might not be available. So book early!

So who said you can’t drive a car or van without forking out thousands on a vehicle. Zipcar is ideal for those who are on a budget or if you commute via public transport daily and just need a temporary car to run around in at the weekend or for other reasons. The whole idea is amazing.



Twitter: @zipcar

Reporter: Bola