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Lumi Therapy (, leader in cold water therapy and fitness recovery, has launched early this year the first UK Portable Recovery Pod Ice Bath, delivering ice cold therapy to people’s homes – the perfect accessory to stay cool this summer!

The Portable Recovery Pod Ice Bath is a fully-portableinsulated pod, with a redesigned skin incorporating 5 layersof thermal insulated TPE protection that keeps the water ata steady temperature. It also includes Lumi Thermo insulated Lid as standard, designed to add a thermal bridge between the ice bath water and the external elements.

After long-term testing with several consumers who use regular tap water in the Lumi Therapy Portable RecoveryPod Ice Bath, the team found out that there’s no need to add ice in the pod, as they would receive the benefits of cold water therapy at a steady water temperature of 15°C degrees or below when set up outside.

Recent scientific studies have reported several health benefits from cold water exposure, including boosting the immune system and metabolism, reducing stress, better sleep and faster recovery to name a few.

Dr Susanna Soberg (, a leading international scientist and expert in cold and heattherapy, has discovered the minimum threshold – or the “sweet spot” – for cold and heat exposure for healthbenefits. Her PHD results showed that 11 minutes of cold water therapy and 57 minutes of heat exposure per week can massively optimise and improve health. (full study here).

Gavin Teague, Founder of Lumi Therapy, says: We’reextremely excited to launch our Lumi Recovery Pod IceBath, allowing everyone to experience the benefits of coldwater therapy from the comfort of their homes, both UK and internationally.

After suffering from anxiety for many years, I’ve dedicated my life trying to find solutions to make me feel better, without costing me a fortune – this is how the Lumi Recovery Pod Ice Bath was born.”

The Portable Recovery Pod Ice Bath costs £75 with the Pod and the Lid, or £125 for the new MAX (Much bigger) version with the all weather cover too. Both can be boughton the Lumi Therapy website.


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