The Chap Olympiad 2016

Saturday the 16th of July, I attended what would have to be most eccentric, flamboyant and British thing I have ever attended in my life. For the 12 year running, hosted by the Chap Magazine, The annual Chap Olympiad took over the sunny Bedford Square Gardens in Fitzrovia for a day of day of strange and unusual sporting events. With events including the ‘Tea Pursuit’, ‘Well Dressage’, ‘Hen Pecked’ and ‘The Corby Trouser Press Challenge’, spectators including myself were in for a day full of laughs and frivolity.

IMG_6496 (1)

The creativity of Spectators and Sportsman in traditional period costumes was astounding as everyone immersed themselves in the day’s old-fashioned activities. I don’t know how the many Chaps in attendance survived with the sweltering heat but they persisted in their thick three piece suits as a gentleman never lets the heat get to him. My cousin and I weren’t brave enough this year to try our hand at the games as this was our first year in attendance. We instead enjoyed watching the events, admiring everyone’s costumes and sipping on jugs of Pimms and Bourne and Hollingsworth’s delectable cocktails. Talking to other attendees on the day, it was nice to meet others who had been attending every year. We even got to witness a wedding of a couple who gotten engaged at a previous year’s event.


The Chap Olympiad is really one of those events that must seen to be believed, so for something a little different, make sure you attend next year’s event. You may even see us up on the Olympiad Stage taking part in the events and trying to prove who really is the biggest ‘Chap’.


Reporter: Tegan LeBon Twitter:instragram : @toogs1