The Cocktail Club Shoreditch is back!

The Cocktail Club’s comeback
The Cocktail Club returns
The Cocktail Club’s relaunch
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Gear up for the ultimate return, this is no S Club Party this a Cocktail Club house party in the heart of Shoreditch like no other and back to reclaim its legacy like never before. Say farewell to the ordinary and brace yourself for a wild ride of chaos and cocktails – you won’t get this anywhere else! With inspiration from the boisterous, illicit parties of 2023’s Saltburn, The Cocktail Club has been transformed into the House party of dreams, serving up electric energy and bartenders who know how to get the party started. It’s like any minute Felix or Oliver will just come out the shadows and dance on the bar in complete hedonistic abandon.

We got disco balls in the kitchen, vintage day beds decked to lounge on, a bathtub overflowing with David Beckham golden balls and luxurious velvet drapes adorning the walls this place is like no other. Oh and did we mention the oven with a disco ball? The Cocktail Club, is all about letting loose and having a blast – so whether you’re dominating in ping pong or battling it out on the foosball table – it’s all about giving guests a good time; a place where people can truly let their hair down.
Every element of the venue has a story to tell. From the whimsical decor to the jaw-dropping cocktails, every corner screams “content gold” for your social media feed. Capture the hair-down, ties-off vibe, where everyone can grab a good drink whilst listening to nostalgic 00’s tracks all whilst dancing on the bar.

And let’s talk about the drinks, shall we? Our world-class mixologists are must-see wizards behind the bar, crafting concoctions that’ll slap your taste buds and make you cry out with joy. Try the Solero Sundae, a tantalising blend of coconut rum, mango, passionfruit, and cream topped with a passionfruit mousse for a tropical explosion in your mouth. Or opt for the Southside Royal for a refreshing kick of gin, prosecco, and a spray of absinthe mist – this is the stuff legends are made of!

And the madness doesn’t stop there! Happy hour specials, bartender daily deals, and bottomless brunch every Saturday means there’s always something going on at The Cocktail Club. From dancing on the bar to throwing ice with abandon, our bartenders are here to turn up the heat and leave you screaming “what the f*ck” in the best way possible.

So grab your crew, your lover, or your ride-or-die and join us at The Cocktail Club for a night you’ll never forget. This is where the cool kids come to play, and you’re invited to join the revolution!
Sarah Willingham, CEO of Nightcap who founded The Cocktail Club in 2008: ‘It is so great to see this much-loved legacy Old Street bar come back to life again. Since 2018 we have been having the BEST NIGHTS OUT here whether it’s a cosy cocktail on a Tuesday or a crazy fun Saturday dancing on the bar. It’s always been one of my favourites and we’re so excited to bring this energy back to

Shoreditch, in SUCH a cool environment. Can’t wait to see it full of customers dancing in the bathtub or chilling on the day beds. See you there!’
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