Ways to enjoy Winter 2013

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It is freezing. You constantly avoid going out, and instead prefer to stay in bed with your duvet all day. I’m sure we’ve all been there at one point when we’ve done this, but pretty soon, it will get boring and repetitive – time to switch it up. Here are a few random ways to get through the Winter:

·        Re-decorate! It doesn’t have to look as dull outside – inside! Start with optimistic, friendly, and all-year-around colours, such as yellow, beige, and even red.

·        Make sure you’re always feeling good on the inside. have great fitness classes all over London and they are free. It’s such a bonus when you feel healthy and energised. If you’re really self-motivated and prefer to go DIY; YouTube workouts can be done from the comfort of your home! At least you’ll be doing something productive indoors.

·        Tis the season for the theatre. Check out productions and shows coming to London this Winter, such as Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and Phantom of the Opera ( For a cheaper option, Arcola theatre based in Dalston, East London, where performances are held every Tuesday called Pay what you can, where you pay whatever amount you’d like to watch plays such as the North Wall Theatre’s Dead On Her Feet

·        Something relaxing? Spa time. Wowcher and Living Social always have amazing deals going for two which are most of the time less than £50 – including full body massages and facials; you can’t say no to such a bargain.

·        Dine out at clever times! Nothing is more irritating than having to queue in the freezing cold outside of a restaurant. Risky times 6-7.30pm; any time after should be sweet!

·        Ladies; winter isn’t the exception for hairy legs. Scientific fact shows that shaved legs stay warmer due to skin having more room to breathe through the hair follicles.

·        Gents; bad weather is never an excuse to look scruffy, be proud of those regular trips to the barber

·        Study season? Study in mini groups and after all of the hard work, turn it into an enjoyable sleepover with junk food and movies

·        Dreading the Christmas shop? Do it online! Or shop early. The less hassle, the better.

Hannah Ajala