Why Travelling on the Underground Can Save Your Life

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When we venture out with the hope of travelling on the underground (also known ass the Tube), we expect a pleasant journey, but London is a hectic city and travelling on the Underground can sometimes feel unnerving. Planning your journey will not only save you time but can make life a little bit easier. London has become increasingly congested lately and one of the quickest ways to get around is by getting the Tube.

Here are some reasons why travelling on the Underground can save your life. These tips will help you stay safe on the Tube:

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1. Plan your journey well ahead with the help of a Tube map or the online journey planner via TFL. The Underground lines are colour coded to help you distinguish which one will help you get to your destination.

Find out if there are disruptions on your route before travelling.

Sometimes you might experience an interchange between stations, as there are not always direct connections. Check TFL planned engineering work and closures especially at weekends! Get email alerts for the latest updates.

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2. Overcrowded trains and platforms are a concern for Londoners.
Avoid peak times. These times are assigned for commuters but unless you need to, stay away. You could get pushed, stepped on, barged or even crushed!

You will be in close contact with other commuters and personal hygiene is not always at it’s best with some, which means you might experience an unpleasant journey! Some stations have crowd controls to allow a certain amount of commuters to get through the gates, so access will be limited.

3. Look out for disabled access, as some stations might not have lifts.

4. Carry your Oyster card, Travel card, Contactless card or Freedom pass with you because cash isn’t allowed. This system saves time and money.

5. When going up or down the escalators, stand on the right. Some Londoners might become agitated if you stand in the way or on the left side and not all visitors are aware of this custom.

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6. On arrival at the station, check the boards for the correct platform.

7. Check the display screen for the destination of the incoming train. Some trains travel via a particular station to get to the last stop. The District and Circle Lines can be confusing – ask a member of staff for help if you’re not sure.

8. Hold on to young children to stop them getting pushed or lost.

9. Look out for the elderly and disabled with guide dogs.

10. Avoid drinking alcohol or smoking anywhere on the underground.

11. Check for the last train if you plan to travel late at night. Not all lines open 24 hours but on the 12th of September this year, Night Tubes will be coming to London and will run for 24 hours on Fridays and Saturdays on the Jubilee, Victoria, Piccadilly, Northern and the Central lines

12. Don’t forget these personal safety tips as well:

• Look out for Pickpockets.
• Be mindful of beggars.
• Hold Buggies or Pushchairs firmly when boarding the train. “Mind the Gap between the train and the platform”

Travelling on the Underground is quicker and saves time and the system is one of the easiest ways to travel. Did you can get to one to one end of London to the other within minutes?

With the ongoing maintenance and engineering work, travelling on the Tube can only get better.

Written by Bola Akande