Zodiac Collection from Bird & Blend Co Launches

Bird & Blend Tea Co launched their Zodiac Tea loose leaf collection on the Summer Solstice (4pm Wednesday 21 June). The blends have each been developed to reflect the qualities of each Zodiac, so you can sip on the stars. Let the power of the stars, earth’s four elements and tea blending come together to take you on a celestial journey. 

We were able to sample all twelve of the Zodiac collection teas, the biggest range of new blends Bird & Blend Co has ever done. The teas can be used in a cold brew, mocktail or cocktail as well as a hot tea. The teas each come in their own beautifully designed Zodiac tin. 

  • Aries is a spicy rooiboos tea with chilli and coconut to reflect their fire for their passions.
  • Tauras is a herbal tea of dandelion root, chamomile and nettle to create an earthy and grounding experience as we are connected to nature. 
  • Gemini is an oolong tea (for an earthy feel) made using apple and black peppercorns. It’s spicy and creamy to reflect duality. We had this as a cold brew mixed with sparkling water. 
  • Cancer is a rooibos tea which was sweet and fruity due to hibiscus, apple, rose-hip and strawberry to create a comfortable feeling as Cancerians are caring. We had this as a hot tea paired with coconut milk and it would be a great winter warmer. 
  • Leo is the only artisiano fruit tea in the range. It has apple pieces, rosehip, hibiscus, hawthorn and cocoa shells with gold sparkles as Leo’s love to shine and bring energy. We tasted this as a cold brew in lemonade. 
  • Virgo is a rooibos cinnamon, cloves, tumeric and Ashwagandha. This lends focus and drive much like Virgos do. 
  • Libra is a Chinese green tea with liquorice and rose petals. It brings forth the beauty and balance of Librans. It would be good as a cold brew with gin or lemonade. 
  • Scorpio is a black tea and the only one with a Darjeeling and Sri Lankan tea and uses freeze dried passion fruit. It’s strong and dependable like a Scorpio. 
  • Sagittarius is a black tea and the only one of the collection to use coffee beans which reflects the adventurous spirit. We had this as a cold brew with oat milk and it was reminiscent of Bailey’s.  
  • Capricorn uses Earl Grey tea with salted caramel and cardamom. Full bodied yet sweet to match the determination and strength of Capricorns. 
  • Aquarius is green tea with lemon peel which reflects their eccentric nature. We had this as a cold brew using water and lemon.
  • Pisces is a herbal tea using camomile, cinnamon and ginger and was like a chai. It reflects their bright and colourful nature. 

For the launch, there were four cocktails inspired by the four elements of wind, water, fire and earth. As a Tauras I was eager to try my tea in a cocktail. The cocktail had vodka, rum and gin paired with coke a cola as well as the concentration of the herbal dandelion tea. My friend is an Aries (element of fire) and her cocktail was essentially a fruity chai with a rooiboos base with spiced rum, vanilla and coconut milk. We also tried ‘Air Bubbles’ which was white tea with floral and citrus notes, paired with gin and topped with lemonade, and ‘Divine Water’ (Scorpio tea) which uses Darjeeling tea with dried passion fruit paired with vodka, passion fruit juice and aquafaba (an alternative to egg whites). 

We lived trying all the different teas and experimenting with the different ways teas can be served. This collection is a must for any tea lover. 

The individual tins of tea are £20 or you can buy the collection for £200. If you would prefer to sample the teas then there is a cube with one of each of the teas. 




Written by Caitlin Neal