1000 Londoners: Chocolate Films

1000 Londoners

On Wednesday afternoon after a day of trawling through meetings I found my way to the BAFTAS, for the launch of 1000 Londoners. Having a very vague idea of what to expect left me excepting a million different possibilities I was pleasantly surprised at not only the delivery but amount of thought and creativity that has gone into the project itself.
Chocolate Films were able to explore the diversity of being a Londoner and captured it in a unique way. Think Humans of New York, but in film, bringing to life the physical attributes of Londoners that we sometimes miss in our busy city.

I sat in the audience two rows from the back, the Chocolate Films logo appears and the show starts. Without ruining the stories of each, I was so taken a back by how simple but enlightening each short clip was. 1000 London depicts the lives of individual Londoners touching on their lives and passions.

The project itself is expect to grow dramatically over its predicted five year life span and it has so much room to grow as there is no other like it. It is the most ambitious film project we have witnessed in a long time and we are excited to see how it continues to develop.

Chocolate films will be uploading new vids every week. Please check the site and follow them on twitter.

Meet Sara and watch this touching clip about her and her life
[youtubevideo video=”i6MP00ZtLg4″]