Home Sense Review

If you get an invite to any HomeSense events, do yourself a favour and go. The company invited guests to attend their free event a two day period, promising free food, free drinks and an escape from winter in a summer garden. I’ll admit I went to this for the free booze. The classy thing to say at this point would be that I stayed for the décor (which was good), but if I’m honest, for me it was the canapes.


Green tea macron? Don’t mind if I do! A particular highlight for me was the tiny tacos served nestled in whole limes with a taco-sized segment cut away. This gave a wonderfully subtle lime aroma that alighted briefly on the palate. These disappeared far too quickly to get a photo.

The cocktail of the evening was a refreshing and sweet sake cocktail, which we all enjoyed with a bit too much abandon for a weeknight. HomeSense pitched the atmosphere just right- it had been a chilly week and I’ll admit I was sceptical but yes, by the end of the evening I did feel summery! Part of this was making an environment that was cosy enough whilst still being light and with ample greenery.

I fell in love a bit with this chest of drawers, which is brilliantly mad-cap: Oh the things I could store in this! cupboard

And my friend was very keen on one of the swan coolers displayed.










Furniture and home ware from the event is available at HomeSense stores: If you like the look of anything from the photos, hurry, stocks are limited, and when it’s gone it’s gone!

Reporter: David Brown

Instagram: Salomebloke