A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

Frames of rooster placed above the fireplace

Princess was incredibly pale when she was born. Pale with this angelic expression constantly plastered to her face and a stubborn streak which saw her refuse to open more than one eye at any one time for the first few weeks of her life. I’d love to show you a photo of her doing this but I can’t.

When Princess was a few months old we went to a lovely wedding reception in the South of England, along the way we were stuck in a good few hours of traffic, in which the baby ezema on her cheeks flared up into what looked like third degree burns and made her look like a clown with painted on red cheeks. I’d love to show you a photo of her rosy cheeks and gorgeous dress but I can’t.

You see, I don’t have many pictures of Princess from birth to about the age of two. That’s not to say that I didn’t take pictures, because I took hundreds, perhaps even thousands of them. What I didn’t do is take the time to back them up anywhere. They sat on Mary , my ever so reliable Macbook which it turned out, wasn’t so reliable. After owning it for about six years the battery started to fail and even after forking out an exorbitant sum to the lovely people in the Regents Street Apple Store for a new one, I still faced one problem after another. Needless to say, those awesome photos of a new born Princess, the pictures of Princess being weaned and all the other little milestones are all gone.

I wish I’d taken the time out to print more. Technology is great but there is nothing like actually having a photo that you can look up at your mantelpiece and view in one subconscious glance. Scrapbooks are great too, no need to boot up the laptop and search through files, just open the pages of the book and find a wealth of memories that you can see, feel and even smell (depending on what else you add to the page other than the photographs!). 

Luckily for me, I sent loads of printed copies of Princess to family so they are not lost forever. However, losing so many pictures, the memories of which will become greyer and greyer as the years go on, has spurred me to continue to walk around with a camera in tow, but this time also take the time to order multiple copies of those moments I want to keep in my memory for all of eternity. Because a picture speaks a thousand words.

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