Abs Are Made In The Kitchen And NOT The Gym


Once upon a time when I was none the wiser, you would often find me frequently training my abs in the hope to get some definition around my midriff and the legendary v line. During the first few months of religiously going H.A.M on the ab focused exercises, I wasn’t adjusting my diet hence seeing little to no improvements! Should you find yourself in the same scenario, I am going to give you some advice having learnt from mistakes almost 3 years ago.

You see Ladies and Gents, truth be told abs are made in the Kitchen and NOT the Gym *a common misconception*.

If you exercise frequently whilst fuelling your body with unhealthy eating choices like junk / processed foods, fizzy drinks and refined sugar, you will not reap the benefits of having a lean, toned body.

Having decided to eat clean (wholefoods) six days a week coupled with regular training, you can see from my picture above that the improvements speak for itself. The lower one’s body fat percentage, the leaner and toned ones body looks.

Simply put… Clean Eating + Exercise = RESULTS.

You wouldn’t put the incorrect fuel in your car as it wouldn’t run properly; the same principles apply with your body!

If one of your fitness goals is to get lean and defined, then you’ll have to make the necessary steps to improve your diet by eating less junk and processed foods, refined sugar, fizzy drinks and more fruit, vegetables, fish, poultry and complex carbs such as sweet potatoes, brown rice and wholewheat pasta whilst adopting a cross training regime that involves cardio vascular exercises such as High Intensity Interval Training and the use of Free Weights.

Abs Are Made In The Kitchen and NOT The Gym… The equation is 30% Diet and 30% Exercise.