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Awkward City

Venue: The New Diorama Theatre, 15-16 Triton Street, Regents Place, London, NW1 3BF

Date: 12th-16th March

Time: 7.30pm (Saturday matinee 3:30pm)

Tickets: £10.50/8.50 Special Discounts for groups of 10 or more – please contact the theatre for further details.  2-4-1 offer on Tuesday 12th March

Synopsis:  If you could hold on to only one memory for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?
‘Dissolve’ is a tender exploration of one woman’s struggle to reconstruct an identity for herself in the face of memory loss.  Awkward City combine physical storytelling with visual theatre to provide a moving and recognisable exploration of personal identity in the 21st Century.

You don’t forget like you fall into a hole. You forget like you have fallen through space. Like you have jumped from your planet to visit another planet, and when you arrive everything is different.

We are off to watch this show on the 12th March!! You should definitely come too

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