BARTS Murder Mystery Night Review

Recently, OnIn.London stepped back in time to solve a crime. We’d set our sights on the Chelsea Cloisters, the most notorious speakeasy – ‘famed for its lawless liquor and raucous parties.’ However, we stumbled across a horrific crime.

We were asked by the police to aid them in solving a murder. With extra eyes and ears on the suspects. Your group must work together to interrogate each suspect, take into consideration all the evidence you gather and work out who the real killer is.

With twists and turns throughout the interviews with blame being laid all around, you must work fast to close the case, before things get out of hand.

If you enjoy a speakeasy but want to shake things up a little, then get yourself and a group of friends organised for an entertaining evening out. You’ll enjoy a complimentary cocktail and get fully involved in this immersive mystery experience!

Our night was filled with a lot of hushed whispers, many questions, lots of accusations about who the murderer was along with plenty of laughs. For a great night out with friends, book in for their next event now.

This takes place on WEDNESDAY 17TH JULY 7:00PM – 9:00PM. Do you think you have what it takes to find out the truth behind this crime?


Address: Somewhere on Sloane Avenue, London SW3 3DW