Burger & Lobster review

Decision fatigue, sound familiar? Sometimes simplicity is king. Sometimes we don’t want to choose from 300 different types of toothpaste, remember when you could go into a cafe and just order a coffee? On occasion, we don’t want a menu the size of Encyclopedia Brittanica, and even when we have a simple menu, sometimes, we just don’t want to choose between the dishes.

Sounding like middle class first world problems yet? Well, there are days where you just want the lobster, AND the burger. Oh wait, you can?

Back in 2011, four schoolmates hatched a plan on a London rooftop. It was a cunning but simple plan, just what if there was a restaurant that served two things, but done really well. The result was Burger & Lobster. With restaurants scattered around London, New York, Dubai, Bangkok, Malaysia, Kuwait and Singapore. It’s fair to say the concept caught on. 

We found ourselves sat outside the charming Thames riverside, Burger & Lobster restaurant of West India Quay sipping an aperol spritz, the menu basically telling us what to order and we are enjoying the release of responsibility. 

For £60, Two people can enjoy an Original Whole Lobster, Original Whole Burger, & Original Lobster Roll with the Combo for Two meal. Add to that fries and house salad each.

The wild atlantic lobsters are delivered daily and served either grilled or steamed. We couldn’t decide, obvs, so we went half and half. The burgers are made from Nabraskan beef, dressed with lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, and B&L’s secret burger sauce. The surprise standout for us was the chilled lobster meat roll dressed in Japanese mayo and lemon. served with lemon and garlic butter.

If burgers are your thing, and lobsters are your thing, but decisions aren’t then Burger & Lobster might just be for you. 


Written by Nyla S.