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How to antagonize the customer you’ve already antagonized

My job involves bothering people busy at work and trying to sell to them. I get hung up on a lot, and who can blame them? I don’t care about my job and I’m disrupting More »

Divas On Demand presents The Emerging West Africa Event

What a phenomenal event!!! I would first like to thank everyone came to the event. I would like to thank our speakers, our volunteers and our audience for making the evening eventful and a true More »

How to get away with bellowing at the Manager you hate

I got away with bellowing at the Site Manager in front of a client. But only for around a month before I was sacked. I provoked such anger amongst the Management that they all competed to More »

Understanding customer / shopper behaviour

By understanding how customers / shoppers think and respond to the store environment can and will assist to develop sales and strengthen the brands you sell. Predicting customer / shopper behaviour is complex. However, there More »

Behind the Brand: Pop Up Business School

Name of Business: Pop-Up Business School Social Media and website links: Twitter: Facebook: Website: 1. What is your business and how does it function? We travel around the country and pop-up in More »