In the heart of the City isn’t exactly the first place you’d look for fresh, tasty Italian food, however you’d be missing out if you didn’t in this case. Caterina55 is a new restaurant seeking to bring the best in fresh, natural and organic Italian food to the UK. They are tucked away at the bottom of the Heron Tower smack next to the Barbican and just a short walk from Moorgate.

C55 f11

Specialising in Ligurian regional food and a perfectly curated menu, they have managed to provide a different kind of experience to the usual Italian eateries. The restaurant is beautifully done out. It feels modern and clean, while not seeming Spartan or minimalistic. The location is prime and easily reached and the staff are extremely pleasant and helpful.

The food really is exceptional. They have also managed to bring to the menu a whole raft of Italian dishes that neither I, nor indeed the general manager, had ever heard of, much less tasted!

There are the classic Italian dishes – calamari, penne al pesto and two kinds of lasagne, all with the pasta perfectly cooked. What they have also included are dishes like their superb burger di manzo organic (that’s an organic beef burger to you and I), which is without a doubt the healthiest tasting burger I’ve ever eaten. There are also an excellent selection of light bites like the calamari, gnocci and some delicious chickpea chips. All of which were absolutely delicious and amazingly fresh.

calamari e verdure 3

As well as the main lunch menu, they also do a wide range of takeaway baguettes, salads and dolce that cater for the busy city types on their lunch breaks. There are personally selected Italian wines that are soft and flavoursome and a wide range of Italian soft drink and beers – after all it would almost be rude to eat such delicious food without some kind of appropriate beverage.

All round Caterina 55 provides a complete and thoroughly enjoyable dining experience in a new Italian style that is welcome in an area saturated with fast food and so-called fresh restaurants. It’s really refreshing to see someone putting a really personal and specialised touch to somewhere like this.

Caterina 55 can be found here, on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


The Heron, 5 Moor Lane


Reporter: Peter Churchill

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