Definitely Blue Cafe

Following the hotly-debated launch of innocent’s Bolt from the Blue, innocent is opening a Definitely Blue Café to prove once and for all that the drink is in fact definitely blue.

The juice sparked a massive debate on Twitter with almost 4,000 eagle-eyed innocent fans challenging innocent on the true colour of the drink. innocent remained firm in their stance that the drink was definitely blue, despite thousands of comments from the public insisting it was green.

The café opens on Neal Street, Covent Garden, from today the 4th to 6th October 2019. Consumers can not only drink blue juice and eat blue food, but they will experience the smell, sound and sights of blue.

From entering the café, guests will be taken on a journey through a blue tinted world. From hearing what blue really sounds like in the Bolt from the Blue phone booth, to discovering the true scent of blue through sensory artwork and finishing with the intriguing ‘Wall of Blue-riosity’. Those who miss out will be blue with envy.

Speaking of the Definitely Blue Café, innocent drinks said: “it’s really really blue. The only thing that’s bluer than the Definitely Blue Café is our definitely blue drink.

“We’ll be celebrating all that is blue under one roof, finally settling the debate around our drink. It’s there in black and white for all to see – it’s definitely blue.”

The café has been created in partnership with multi-sensory experience studio, Bompas & Parr. The event will allow chromatically-challenged members of the public to explore the world of blue with creative and interactive elements that will investigate the nation’s relationship with colour.

“It’s blue,” said Harry Parr of Bompas & Parr, “Really blue. Name something blue. It’s bluer than that.

“It’s a shame when some people can’t simply appreciate the joy of a good colour blue without having to argue about it – you might say they really blue their chance. But the Definitely Blue Cafeì is an opportunity to undergo a multi-sensory journey into blueness – so that everyone can realise when something is definitely blue.”

The Definitely Blue Café will be free to attend and those lucky enough to grab a table will receive an exclusive token which can be redeemed for a definitely blue drink and a blue treat from the café.

The Definitely Blue Café will open to the public on 67B Neal Street, Covent Gardenfrom Friday 4thOctober until Sunday 6thOctober. The café opening times are:

Friday 4th October: 8.30am – 17:30pm

Saturday 5thOctober: 10.30am – 18.30pm

Sunday 6thOctober: 10.30am – 18.30pm