Epic: Film Review


I remember seeing the trailer for this film when we went to watch The Croods and already making a mental bookmark that Epic would be worth watching. Thankfully my spidey senses didn’t disappoint! From the makers of RIO and Ice Age, this animated family film will be a hit with the entire family. I took two four year olds and a friend and whilst some of the more mature concepts (such as the parents being separated) went over the kid’s heads, we were surprised by just how much of the film they understood and the amount of dialogue it created afterwards.

Epic is based on a children’s book (The Leaf Men) written by William Joyce. It follows the story of a teenage girl who is sent to live with her eccentric father in the woods after the death of her mother. The father has spent his whole life searching for an enchanted, secret society of tiny forest people, who ironically on her first day in the forest his daughter, played by Amanda Seyfried, meets! The film features an all-star cast of voices, including Beyonce Knowles, Pitbull and Colin Farrell. The story line is a basic battle between good and evil, with a dash of environmentalism thrown in for good measure. Both serious and full of comedy at the same time, this kept the entire movie theater glued to their seats regardless of age.

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