The I’m POSSIBLE conversation. The title says it all, there is nothing impossible for within the word impossible is I’m POSSIBLE. Mary E. Pearson once said ‘Maybe the impossible is possible when you take everything else away. When nothings left, maybe you can reach for something that no one knew existed. Or maybe we become something new and maybe we made it exist’.

Therefore everyone is capable of doing anything they set their mind to; whether it is a new venture, a task or a new business. 

 This very elegant, quarterly event does not only focus on celebrating the life journeys of the British women of colour, it also educates and empowers individuals through conversations, events and information, aims on connecting women from all walks of life with a sharing and loving atmosphere.

‘The I am possible conversation is very innovative and unique as it allows women to express personal aspirations and share their stories in order to help those who come after them’ –Abu Kamara (Head of Diversity at Pearsons)

Founded in 2009 by Simone Bresi-Ando, the event has had a number of successful events and a line up of amazing speakers such as Angie Le Mar and Charlene White. Their second anniversary summer edition took place in Pearson’s PLC earlier this month. They had the likes of Avis Charles, Leanne Higgins, Grace Ononiwu, Minna Salami and June Sarpong on their inspirational panel with the lovely Angela Ferreira (Media Consultation) hosting the lavishing event.

It was a truly remarkable event, with a diverse audience and a range of speakers. They discussed everything from domestic violence to fashion. One thing that stood out was how they highlighted the significance of communication within all aspects of life; especially in hard times, emotional strains and in those moments feeling alone.

It is often quite soothing to here other women speak about their trials and tribulations during the development of their careers and businesses. It allows individuals to feel less isolated in their personal journeys and struggles. It closes gaps and allows other women to able to resonate with the panellists.

i'm possible

Grace Ononiwu (OBE, CPS for Equality and Diversity) said ‘Do not focus on the things you cannot change, but rather focus on the things you can’. Many women put on a super woman cape and wear many hats; this sometimes brings on issues and strains. Some within our control and some we cannot possibly do anything about. Here, Grace encourages us to not focus, stress or worry about the things that are out of our control but to take responsibility for the things that are. 

She also says ‘do not be afraid to try’. We believe that 2013 is the year of business, if you are afraid of taking on a business venture Grace says ‘do not think about obstacles and don’t be afraid to try’.

The panel all shared a similarity; they all had travelled in the past which influenced them in a positive aspect. The need for travel is vital as travel is the only thing you can buy that will make you richer. Thus, ‘if your feeling lost, out of touch or need to break out of the glass ceiling then do a detour and travel’ said June Sarpong’

Minni Salami who left her managerial role to focus on her business said ‘do not be afraid to be yourself’. She has an extraordinary blog titled MsAfropolitan. Where she shares intimate stories about her personal life and her journey in business.

June Sarpong one of the oldest faces in media mostly remembered as the T4 presenter, entrepreneur and business women advices ‘not to take rejection personally’, and that ‘everyone’s journey isn’t the same’. There will be times of struggle and resistance from what you want to pursue but just remember to maintain your tenacity and keep pushing for sooner or later that door will open and will lead you to your success and your pursuit of happiness will begin to emerge.

Lexy Boahene

Founder of Divas On Demand


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