T.E.D Restaurant opening

TED Restuarants

T.E.D stands for think eat drink, all of which we need to do to survive. If we just ate and drank we would survive, but we wouldn’t be able to do either without thinking. You could argue that eating is second nature and doesn’t require thought, but you’d be wrong. These are wise words indeed.

T.E.D is an environmentally friendly restaurant opening in the heart of Kings Cross. This restaurant is brought to you by Jamie Grainer-Smith, who set up Fifteen with Jamie Oliver. I went to their opening party and there were people queuing up outside to get in. The restaurant has been excellently designed and feels very spacious, despite all the people inside. I was impressed to hear that their furniture had been sustainably sourced salvaged and their upholstery suppliers are hand-picked due to their eco-sensitive practices. In a society where big business seems particularly obsessed with profits to the extent that some coffee chains, who shall remain nameless, avoid paying the corporation tax that they could easily afford, I found T.E.D’s commitment to the environment refreshing.

Downstairs they have a smaller, more intimate seating area, adorned with elegant neon blown glass light fittings. You could also see their open-plan kitchen, which is always reassuring to see what the chefs are up to, and if your date is boring it gives you something to watch.

TED Restuarants

I picked up a delicious looking punch drink, only to be told it was non-alcoholic. I immediately put it down and picked up an alcoholic one. I wondered how many times this had happened to the non-alcoholic drinks waitress and I worried that I may have upset her. I had a sip of a delicious alcoholic punch and gave it no more thought.

Trays of canapés started circulating the mingling crowd and I enjoyed pork and then crabmeat and then had a profiterole. All of these were very nice and the drink washed them down nicely. T.E.D offers a seasonal menu offering international flavours with fully traceable British ingredients. Their menu certainly looks creative and adventurous, with dishes including Dorset crab and sour dough with fresh radish; ricotta gundi with roasted lettuce and a pea summer savoury and bavette of beef. From the taste of their canapés I think I’d enjoy their menu.

They also offer an international wine list, and cocktails made with fresh summer berries, fruits and seasonal herbs. The key seems to be on the quality of the ingredients and the ethical sourcing of these. Lovely stuff.

From the opening night I would say that T.E.D will be a hit with the central London crowd. It’s open 7 days a week. Why not look at their site for more info?


T.E.D Restaurant

47-51 Calendonian Road, King’s Cross

London N1 9BU

T: 020 3763 2080

Twitter: @TEDRestaurant