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Faceittea Review

As a person who falls into the sensitive skin category, I steer clear from products full of harsh chemicals, opting for natural and organic skin care. However even with the extra care, the stresses of WFH has meant my skin care routine has not been consistent and I have noticed my complexion has been looking dull and noticeably dry particularly around my forehead and cheeks. Bad habits adopted during the winter months i.e. sitting too close to radiators, hot showers, a decrease in water intake and an increase in black coffee have contributed to my lack lustre complexion.

I have altered my diet to incorporate more plant based food so why not put plant power on my skin? Feeling it’s time to practise a little more external self-care, I could not resist the opportunity to try a brand that utilises natural ingredients I’m familiar with and which caters for all skin types. Faceittea is a new company with a strong zero waste ethos, producing high quality organic vegan skin care products that harness the medicinal properties of plant to heal and sooth the skin. With zero plastic packaging or use of harmful chemicals, the company is committed to waste reduction, using biodegradable ingredients to minimise their environmental impact.

My pamper hamper arrived packaged in a recycable box, with each of the products beautifully presented. I opted for thr skincare that had lavender incorporated, as I love its soothing aroma. My hair wrapped up in the ‘Face to Face’ towel head band, I was ready to start my at home spa experience starting with a facial cleanse using the Skin Reset Organic Lavender cleansing pads. Made from 100% vegetable fibres containing pure organic lavender tea and konjac, with its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties its perfect for soothing sensitive skin.
After allowing the aromatic pads to infuse in water for 3 minutes to soften up, I applied with a gentle circular motion around my face and neck. The soften pads had a balmy feel to them which I found quite therapeutic. As they contain dried buds you feel the gentle exfoliation. After splashing water and gently patting dry my face, I was surprised how soft and smooth my skin felt, and I hadn’t even applied any moisturiser! Each pad can be rinsed and reused a number of times, great for a morning and evening calming cleansing ritual.

I followed this with the Skin reset lavender facemask made with white clay. Clay is known for drawing out impurities, tightening and rejuvenating the skin. While I sometimes use red clay, I love the subtle hint of lavender and combination of nourishing ingredients; coconut powder, aloe and olea seed powder in this product. I also love the vibrant mood-boosting colour. It comes with a handy scoop to measure out the right quantity, easily mix into a paste and apply. Left on for 5 minutes, I loved the tautness as it dried and the gentle exfoliation from the lavender buds I gently rinsed. I have to say, my face felt soft and hydrated attributed to the fatty acids in the coconut powder and the soothing nature of aloe.

I always finish up my skincare routine with a light moisturiser and shea butter is an essential item. I therefore had to try the Heal and Glow treatment balm packed full of medicinal herbs and blossoms. It has interesting distinct herby, hemp like earthy aroma although it doesn’t linger on the skin. Formulated with organic shea butter, the consistency was very smooth and massaged well into the skin locking in moisture. Only a small amount is needed. While the instructions say to wipe off any residue, I found this was not necessary. The balm absorbs into the skin and feels incredibly light and nourishing.

I’ve been using this all over body moisturiser, applying particularly to my face and lower legs. After first use I loved the way my face felt so soft and smooth. I’ve noticed definite improvements after a few days of using it, my skin tone feels more even and the dry patches have gone. I also found this balm to be very soothing after sun exposure. The homeopathic healing and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as Calendula, St Johns Wort and Cornflower combined to sooth and repair sunburnt skin. A new addition to my skin care routine. I also tried the Hydrate & Repair oil, a unique blend of Grapeseed, Argan, Aloe Vera, Cucumber, and Hemp infused with Calendula flower. Presented in a beautiful glass bottle with visible calendula flowers floating inside, I found a few drops of the serum applied to damp skin really absorbed well leaving it hydrated and giving a lasting glow. Also works wonders applied gently under tired looking eyes.

My pamper hamper also came with a Love Skin Green Tea Sponge. I normally use natural sisal for my daily body and facial scrub. However, I have been seeking something gentler for my daily facials. Made of 100% biodegradable vegetable fibre the sponge is infused with Green Tea extracts rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties. On first appearance it looks and feels like a pumice stone. Immerse in water for a minute and the texture suddenly changes to a soft sponge it can be used alone or with soap of choice, I used it with lavender and marula oil shea soap. The sponge lathered up well and felt smooth while providing gentle exfoliation without irritating my face. This has now become my daily facial sponge.

After 2 – 3 weeks of using Faceittea products morning and evening, I am very impressed at the visible results. I have noticed a difference in my skin tone, the dry patches have gone; and light daily use of the balm has left my skin feeling soft, supple and radiant. 

The product range provides everything you could need for your self care cleansing regime: from Tea cleansing pads, Organic clay masks, infused oils and balms to healing crystal tools and rejuvenating Led face masks. 

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Written by: Eboni Addoh