Heliot Restaurant

A great dining experience is not something I would usually associate with popping into a busy casino on an evening. Casinos make me think of old school diner grub and shady dancing girls. However the Hippodromes Heliot restaurant (voted the 17th best restaurant in London) blew this preconception out of the water!

We were seated by the friendliest and loveliest waitress Natalia. She helped us with all our menu choices! We opted for a main of surf and turf (£19) and teamed this with a sticky shotribs and wings (£13) combo. Plus what’s a good meaty meal without béarnaise sauce (£1.50) chips (£3), onion rings (£3) and mushrooms (£3)?

To drink we ordered a refreshing bottle of Pinot Grigio (as we are under 30 white is always our choice!) and a large glass of water, as getting sloshed before dinner never ends well!


As we waited we were fortunate enough to have seating situated on a balcony overlooking the casino. This in itself was pretty cool, however we were even treated to some burlesque dancing (very tasteful I must add) intermittently throughout our meal!

With all this to take in it wasn’t long before our food was served up by the lovely Natalia. Oh boy we were in for a treat. The steak was hands down one of the best I’ve tasted in London and I worked in a steak restaurant, so am a bit of a meat snob plus the scallops were tender and prawns plump and juicy.

The ribs we ordered literally fell off the bone. So tender they melted in your mouth. However this did mean the chicken wings were never going to live up to them! Sorry chickadees!


Oh golly best chips ever! Triple cooked, thick and crispy. I hoarded these beauties on my plate. The big flat mushrooms and onions rings complimented it all a right treat.

There wasn’t really room for dessert, however we managed it anyway!

The dessert of choice? A large salted caramel torte. The torte was beautifully rich and decedent, however the salted caramel was swirled around the plate and it would have been lovely to have been swirled inside the torte itself. The saltiness was rather intermittent.

My friend couldn’t quite finish hers however this wasn’t a reflection on the dessert, more the fact she had had a cheeky chomp on a bowl of chips and digestive biscuits before she came out! Hats off for fitting it all in!!


After our decadent dinner it was a time to hit the tables! And Natalia plopped our luscious white wine in a decanter which we could take with us on our merry way.

The whole dining experience was awesome. Our waitress, our food and the setting. We were totally taken by surprise. It was a great AFFORDABLE place! ONIN recommends this place 100%

Check out their menu here.

Reporter: Aspen Glencross @Gollumcrackcorn and Jessepe

The Heliot Steakhouse
14 Cranbourn Street