HIPCHIPS launches brand new range of crisps and dip boxes

Setting up shop on Old Compton Street in late 2016, HIPCHIPS have successfully reinvented the potato crisp by pairing hand-crafted crisps with a selection of fresh, sweet and savoury dips. After their triumph in Soho, HIPCHIPS have announced that they will be rolling out their product worldwide, bringing their brand-new range of boxes of savoury and sweet crisps and dips to a hundred Sainsbury’s stores.

From 9th May 2019, you’ll be able to pick up a pack of the perfectly crunchy heritage potato crisps matched with a diverse range of delicious savoury and sweet dips. Whether the crisps and dips are grabbed for a picnic, a night in with a film or Friday’s in the office, the boxes will be serving up the trademark crunchy crisps and each box will come with three of the store’s most-popular dips from the last three years.

Options include; a savoury box containing sea-salt dusted crisps with a moroccan style yoghurt, beetroot, ginger and chili and a katsu dip, and the first sweet crisp and dip offering in the UK – the same heritage potato crisps but coated with cinnamon sugar and come with a salted Caramel, a passion fruit and a chocolate dip.

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Written by Jordan Crowley