To all the people that know me really well I have a bit of a thing about hotels. Let’s say I’m a bit of a diehard fan and the more 5 star the better. Yes I’m very superficial when it comes to hotels I admit. If I could live in one I’d feel right at home.

Professionals at combining hotel features with a home-like feel are Living Room’s impressive collection of serviced hotel apartments. These include Europa House in Little Venice, No.5 Maddox Street in Mayfair and 56 Welbeck Street in Marylebone.

One of the first to arrive at Europa House’s press open evening, I was given a tour of the three-acre private garden and apartments featuring double bedrooms, bathrooms, fully-fitted kitchens and living rooms. Also available is a 24-hour concierge for those oh so truly delightful room service sacred moments I adore and an underground carpark to keep your motors safe. Impressed by the size of the garden and the glorious view of it from one of the living rooms above I began to feel very relaxed peering out at the luscious green space.

Europa House HR_AZ7A9536
Taking place in one of the main rooms at the open house evening was a boxing demo by TruBe, the app better known as the Uber for personal trainers. With a range of different workouts customers can choose between boxing, personal training, yoga, kickboxing, ballet fit and pilates. And when the weather is dry you can go outside and train!

Also on site were premium gin connoisseurs Sipsmith from London serving very sippable cocktails like the bittersweet gin and grapefruit tonic, which I cleverly stuck to that evening. I could definitely taste the quality of the gin! Next to try were mobile beauty and grooming experts Perfect 10 who gave me a quick yet precisely polished manicure using American brand Essie’s gel polish that lasts for 2 weeks straight. The thought of booking these guys and getting your waxing, nails, make-up and blow-dry done all in the privacy of your home (or hotel apartment I should say) would save so much time! Better still they now have a members-only Black Label service where they offer treatments 24/7 and if you want to book a therapist to accompany you on your travels across the globe you can. How V.I.P is that! Don’t you just love technology for bringing us mobile apps!

Last on my grand tour was mobile massage service Urban Massage who got rid of my dodgy shoulder pain in just ten minutes flat. Definitely an app worth having readers. Lots of massages never harmed anyone.

So if you want to live like a Westie whilst you’re in London Town maybe opt for Europa House for that hotel slash home experience. What is it that Westies always say again? Oh yeah West is best.


Europa House Apartments
79A Randolph Ave
London W9 1DW

Written by Julia Nelson