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Maître of Thyme

Maître of Thyme is a Holistic Wellness Boutique opening this week on Great Portland street.

The boutique offers a range of highest quality, organic hand selected products to suit each individual’s needs and taste from all over the world. Ranging from skin care products to the many food items available, you can find what you’re after here. The stores layout is intriguing, using some of the original shelving arrangement from the store that came before them (specsavers) to showcase their products.

Work your way downstairs, should you have an appointment and try out one of their classes. Whether it be Yoga, Pilates or Reformer Pilates they’ve got you covered.Maybe you need a consultation with the Osteopath? Whatever your choice, you will find your sanctum here.

Yoga and Pilates classes are offered as either a 1:1 or 3:1 basis. Bring along a friend or two and share this quality service. No matter the level you or your friends may be at, you will be taken care of by Maître of Thyme professionals. They cater for each individual, seeing as the classes are so small, it really becomes a more personal experience for you. You will not just ‘get lost in a crowd of people’ and you will never feel like you are just a number. Classes will begin in April.

Maître of Thymes mission is a simple but ideal one. They want to educate and support you in taking back control of your health. It is all about treating your mind, body and soul.  Really, what more could you want? This is something that everyone should be thinking more about in their daily life. London lifestyle is a pretty hectic one and we tend to put our needs behind everything else. We forget to nourish it properly, to care for it and we forget to listen to what it tells us. Having somewhere out there that’s reminding us to pay attention to our bodies is what we need more of!

Book online to secure your place.


Address: 130 Great Portland Street

  London W1W 6PT




Written by: Bec Brodie

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