Meet The Team: Hi Hannah


H A N N A H         A J A L A

Twitter: hannahaj_

I’m a bubbly, enthusiastic and optimistic individual that simply loves life!

What makes me tick – hypocrites, self-centered and narrow minded people

Anyone to play me in a movie – Keke Palmer! She’s beautiful (just like me haha) and is really on the scene as a young black actress in the states.

I’ve been writing for just about a year – I started with my blog that I’ve had since February 2012 and my first ever published piece of writing was in March this year. I began blogging as I needed to find a way to express and portray my future aspirations as a broadcast journalist. My blog really has come a long way and I’m so proud of it! Not to mention, my skills as a writer is constantly improving and I’m always trying different styles of journalism before I eventually end up in broadcast, so not only is writing strengthening my skills, it’s also a journey and learning process.

Outside of writing I do what most 20 year old girls do – socialize! Whether that be going on girly holidays, swimming, playing tennis, partying; the lot! I do a lot with my close friends and family and I love it.

My legacy would be to be known as the bubbly broadcast journalist who changed how stereotypical the media tends to be in the crazy world that we call the 21st century (I didn’t intend to rhyme there).

I’d like the world to know that if your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough! Go get it!

A weird fact about myself is that I absolutely LOVE onions and would eat them with literally anything. I once had cereal with a side dish of onions.