Monkey 47 presents the Wundersarnie – the ultimate German sausage sandwich 

Botanical curiosity and an obsessive pursuit for perfection strikes Monkey 47 again, as they team up with Sandwich Revolutionary Max Halley to create a very special wurst, ‘übercharged’ with Monkey47’s top secret botanicals


In the Black Forest, beyond the gates of the Monkey 47 distillery, sandwich revolutionary Max Halley has been seeking out the very best of the Black Forest botanicals, to create a unique sausage, fit for the ultimate wundersarnie. 

The wundersarnie features a traditional German sausage (known to locals as ‘wurst’), ubercharged with Monkey 47’s secret botanical spice mix that give the Schwarzwald Dry gin its unparalleled quality.

Be one of the first to konsumieren the suitably eccentric sarnie – a bun filled with a generous serving of Monkey47’s special wurst, generous spoonful of sauerkraut, a dollop of Monkey 47 sloe gin infused lingonberry mustard, topped with Black Forest ham, and fried onion crumbs. Ja! 

Where? To feast on one of these uber rare sarnies, head to the Monkey 47 van at Leake Street Arches on 1st June between 4pm-8pm, where you’ll find Max serving up wundersarnies for one day only, alongside Monkey 47 tipples. 

You will have enjoyed a Gin & Tonic before now, but have you had one garnished with Black Forest ham and a pickle? We think Nein! Drink up alongside Oompah band beats and German fun, with a few surprises to be had… 

Out of town climbing mountains or deep in the woods on the 1st? Then fret not! The uber special wurst will be available for just two weeks at North London’s go to sarnie haunt, Max’s Sandwich Shop. Grab a stool and tuck in. Until you can fliehen to the Black Forest, this will do nicely.