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Neal and Wolf: Beauty Review

Neal and Wolf Photo 1

This week I have had the pleasure of discovering luxury hair products from Neal and Wolf. If you haven’t yet discovered them, it is an absolute must. I don’t think I could rate the products any higher!


Neal and Wolf are a luxury haircare brand with products developed for both home and professional use. They have a range of only 10 items, but each has been carefully developed to meet all haircare needs.


I received three products to try: Ritual Daily Cleansing Shampoo, Harmony Intensive Care Treatment and Glow Super Shine Spray.


Ritual Daily Cleansing Shampoo (£10.95 / 250ml): 


This shampoo works like any other shampoo but stands out from the crowd due to its heavenly scent and how healthy it leaves your hair feeling after rinsing. Quite often my hair feels dry and quite brittle after shampooing, but this Cleansing Shampoo looked after my hair in a gentle and caring manner.


Harmony Intensive Care Treatment (£12.95 / 250ml):


Having damaged my hair through years of colouring and heat styling I now try my best to look after my locks by experimenting with numerous hair masks and intensive conditioners. Most leave my hair more hydrated and less straw-like admittedly but no product has particularly stood out to me before. Harmony, however, is my new favourite haircare product that in one use managed to revive my hair and make it look and feel extremely healthy.


I applied to my wet hair, left for 3-5 mins and then rinsed. 


Having fairly long and damaged hair, I usually use a large handful of conditioner at a time, but I noticed I needed far less of this product. Unlike most deep conditioners it lathered very easily and a little went a long way.


Once dried, my hair felt incredibly silky and was very shiny. (I don’t think it’s shined for years!) 


Glow Super Shine Spray (£11.95 / 100ml):


Glow Super Shine Spray is a product that you spray onto dry hair as a finishing product. I only had to apply a few sprays of this product to my hair before my hair was amazingly shiny and glossy. Additionally it has a beautiful scent so my hair not only looks and feels amazing, but it smells delicious too!


All of the haircare products featured can be purchased online at


Overall I could not be more impressed with this haircare range and would highly recommend it. 



 Lottie Pearce