New Orleans Popup At The Madison Review

Madison New Orleans Pop Up Last week we told you how excited we were to visit and this week we’re going to tell you how much we loved it.

Arriving on a gorgeous Tuesday evening with the sun shining, The Madison Roof Top Garden was the perfect location to be. The atmosphere here was buzzing with other guests watching the sun go down over the gorgeous views of St Pauls or watching Wimbledon on a giant TV Screen. It was all just extremely lush, even more so when we got a peek at Made In Chelsea celebs. All the cool kids hang out here and it’s really no wonder why. The venue is one of my favourites in London and it’s where I try to take all my friends now that I’ve discovered it.

While we would have been happy just basking in the evening sun, it was time to get down to what we were really here to do. Try out the New Orleans’ inspired cocktails and food. I couldn’t wait.

We loved the BBQ King Prawns with Remoulade. The three prawns were gigantic and so flavoursome, I very easily could have ordered another two rounds of them. The Asparagus was also to die for! The only disappointment was the Beignets. If I hadn’t had them from Café Du Monde (the place to have them in New Orleans), I would have loved them. Small, bite size pieces of sweet dough which left me hankering for the real thing in New Orleans. Perfect excuse to fly to New Orleans on British Airways right?Madion

The rest of the evening was spent watching the sunset and enjoying the New Orleans’ inspired cocktails.The Strawberry Louisiana and the Hurricane Twist were our favourites. As I sat drinking them, I was taken back to New Orleans drinking Hurricanes down Bourbon Street.

The New Orleans Pop-up will be at the Madison until the end of July. Make sure visit so you don’t miss out on delicious food and delectable cocktails. You’ll be disappointed if you do.

Reviewer: Tegan LeBon

Address: Madison
1 New Change
St Paul’s
London, EC4M 9AF